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UK Running is coming to Hickstead!

“The UK’s Biggest Inflatable 5k now has LESS Running & even MORE Obstacles! You will now tackle 28 gigantic obstacles!”

UK Running Events wants to encourage more people to ”get out and run” and are back better than ever with new, bigger and crazier obstacles!

If you loved watching Total Wipeout on TV you’ll relish the chance to pit yourself against the Inflatable 5K’s 15 gigantic inflatable obstacles with fearsome-sounding names like the Temple of Doom, The Mangle and Growler (watch out for the newest obstacle - “The Demon” a 15 metre long gigantic obstacle which runners will encounter twice!).

In this funtastic event series, you don’t have to limit yourself to doing 5K as you can choose to complete between one (2.5K) and up to six laps (15K) of the course, so the more laps you do, the more obstacles you have to navigate. And if you don’t blow your chances and make it all the way round you’ll be rewarded with a high-quality finisher’s medal, a neck buff, running socks, and other finish-line goodies.

Despite their massive size, the events are suitable for participants of all athletic abilities and families & children are actively encouraged to take part.

There are group, charity and family discounts available at all the events.

Each event is held in easy to reach and iconic venues and these Covid secure events will ensure participants have a safe and enjoyable experience.

For those who want to take part in an event now as well as next year, why not check out our new virtual running challenges. They are a great way to train / stay motivated and earn massive bling medals.


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